’s Year in Review Top 11 Articles of 2011

In the waning hours of 2011, is running down our 11 most popular articles of the year.  These are the articles that were the most viewed by our readers during the first year of the millennium’s second decade and we think the range of subject matter speaks volumes as to where gun folks’ heads were at during this crucial time period in American history.

1.  Bargain Hunting: The SKS

2.  Rifle Golf: Finally, a Game for When Hunters Retire

3.  The 9/11 Revolver: Recovered from the World Trade Center

4.  Hope in Fresno: Police Chief and City Councilman Want More People Carrying Concealed (Video)

5.  ‘Make My Day Law’ May Save Colorado Shooter (VIDEO)

6.  Oklahoma ‘Make My Day Law’ Extended to Employees and Businesses (VIDEO)

7.  Kel-Tec’s KSG Dual-Magazine Pump Shotgun Now Shipping

8.  The Gun that Killed Osama bin Laden

9.  Loaded for Bear: Handgun Self-Defense for Bears

10. Walther’s PPQ, their Improved P99, Hitting Shelves

11. What To Do If You Are “Outed” While You Carry Concealed

As you can see, the topics run the gamut from self-defense to leisure, from novelty to practicality, from extravagance to thriftiness, from politics to patriotism and just about everywhere in between if you think about it long enough. Thanks for a great 2011, guys.  I know we’re looking to spending 2012 with you.

Your favorite article didn’t make the cut?  You can add it in our comment section below.

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