New Hatsan Escort Shotgun with Turkey in Mind

Hatsan is a Turkish shotgun and air rifle company that’s solid reputation grows with every single gun they import.  They’ve been available in the U.S. for some time but it seems like only recently have people started to really take notice.  They offer a wide variety of shotguns, both in pump and semi-automatic, in models that will have every hunter, sportsman, and operator grinning.

escort turkey shotgun

The only thing anyone’s really been able to hold against them is under-availability.  Hatsan prices their guns so low, the stock they distribute here just dries up momentarily.  And they don’t export their complete line of shotguns, but that probably says more about the ATF than it does Hatsan.  OK, and the other thing is that they have longish triggers.

They are happy to announce one new model that’s explicitly targeting the American market: the Escort Turkey Extreme.  As in, turkey hunting.

It’s a 24-inch barreled, gas-operated shotgun with fiber-optic ghost ring sights made by HiVis, a rail for optics, and a pistol grip.  And a shell carrier in the buttstock.  Alright, you guessed it: it’s a tactical Escort MP-A with a longer barrel and Realtree camo.  That’s a good thing, though, as that means the shotgun can run anything from 2¾- to 3½-inch shot shells, and soaks up the recoil between its synthetic furniture and 8lb frame.

The Escort Turkey Extreme has a slightly-higher MSRP than most Hatsan shotguns, at $673, but we do expect the real-world price to remain below $500, which really is half of what you’d pay for a similarly-featured shotgun made in Italy.  The Turkey Extreme has a 4+1 magazine and includes six chokes, skeet, improved modified, modified, improved cylinder, full, and turkey, which is slightly extended.

Turkey has been making shotguns for other companies for years; Beretta, Benelli, Charles Daly, CZ… Hatsan is different in that they sell them under their own name; and as more and more people start shooting Hatsan, that strategy is sure to pay off.

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