Citadel's Upcoming 1911-22s for 2012

Now that the Year of the 1911 has passed, let us ring in the new year with… Some 1911s!  OK, they’re .22s, plinkers, trainers, range toys, but hey, those are all good reasons to get a Citadel rimfire copy of Browning’s gun.  Especially when they’re priced under $250 like these.

First up is a traditional-looking .22, the M-1911-22 GI, with a matte black finish, a lanyard loop, and no-nonsense checkered wooden grips, similar to the originals, just like the sights.  The grips and sights are 1911 standard, though, so you can have less classic, but much easier to use sights installed.

The other model is the M-1911-22 TAC, a completely modern, tacticool .22 with Novak-style fiber-optic sights and a Hogue wrap-around grip.  Like the GI, the grip is interchangeable with standard 1911 grips if you want something a little more subtle; so are the sights.

Both .22s are made of alloy and steel parts, feature a fixed barrel and operate on a blowback action.  They have 4¾-inch barrels, have an overall length of eight inches, and weigh 34 ounces (2.1lbs).  They come with two ten-round magazines and have MSRPs of right around $300.  They also have slide-mounted key locks that make us think that these are re-branded Chiappa 1911-22s.  Still, both models are patterned off of actual Citadel 1911s (which would be made by Armscor).

One interesting version of the TAC is the one in the first picture; functionally, it’s no different, but it comes with a range bag, an extra magazine (totaling three) a cleaning kit, and eye protection.  It’s a box of ammo and a set of ear plugs away from being the perfect starter kit for any new shooter.  When that hits shelves, expect to pay $300 or a little more.

If they shoot as well as the other Chiappa/Puma .22s, you may just want to put these on your short list.

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