The Ruger American Rifle

The Ruger American will almost certainly become a common name.  It’s a sleek hunting rifle that brings in a level of design, features, and utility common to high-end rifles, just at a price that will blow your mind.  If you’re looking for a new hunting rifle, you need to check this one out.

The American is a completely new design, build new from the ground up to be a lightweight, 6¼-pound synthetic-stocked game hunter.  It has a bedded, floated stock, an adjustable Marksman trigger, and a short throw, three-lugged bolt to make way for optics, which it is drilled and tapped for.  It doesn’t have sights but it comes with Weaver scope mount bases.

ruger american rifle on white background

Like a lot of Ruger rifles, it feeds from rotary magazines, four rounds in the current chamberings.  The American will be introduced in .243 Winchester, .270 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, and .308 Winchester.  Even though we expect some demand for other calibers, and we expect Ruger to, in the future, deliver, those four chamberings have the Americas covered, as far as hunting’s concerned, and offer a good spread of popular calibers.

The trigger bears mentioning again, as it’s a pretty big departure from other Ruger triggers.  It’s user-adjustable between about three and five pounds, and features an integrated safety lever.  In addition, it has a centered two-position safety on the tang, along with a cocking indicator.

All the current models come with 22-inch barrels.  That price?  MSRP, $450.  Which means sub-$400 in the real world.  Accuracy?  Initial reports say 1 MOA or less.

We can’t help but think that if the Ruger American lives up to this it’s going to be as popular as the Remington 700

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