Four Folks who Changed History and Chose Beretta (GUEST POST)

You can get a lot done with a strong name.  Proving this point, has partnered up with Beretta, the oldest name in firearms in the world, to “guest post” new, killer, original content (the very kind you’ve come to know, love and expect from on each other’s respective websites.  Head over and check out Beretta’s blog to read our most recent piece on four historical figures who, when they saw the world, sought to change it and when it came to guns, they choose Beretta.  The article profiles Beretta guns owned by: 

  • Ernest Hemingway
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Norman Schwarzkopf
  • James Bond

Head over to our friends at Beretta and check out the article and keep your eyes peeled for more guest posts coming soon.

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