CMMG's .50 Cal. Muzzle-Loading AR (VIDEO)

CMMG, in some ways, seems a lot like many other AR companies; they sell Stoner carbines in a handful of mainstream calibers.  But they have a unique way of staying ahead of the pack, and that method has lead to the muzzle.

Every so often they have these brainstorming sessions where all the employees hurl out ideas which is how they came up with this, and also, Tactical Bacon (Tac Bac).  They had many cans of Tac Bac at SHOT this year.  And many dead soldiers, as well.  It is three pounds of bacon, cooked down to 9 crispy, buttery ounces, and hermetically sealed in such a way that it will last as long a you can stave off not eating a can of pre-cooked bacon.

CMMG took that muzzle-loading AR idea, patented it, and stuck it in the closet.  That was over three years ago.  It was time to finally build for keeps.  The way it works is like this: you load a modified 5.56 case with a 209 shotgun/muzzleloader primer instead of a small rifle one, close the bolt, drop in you powder pellets from the muzzle and set your bullet, ram it all down, and get ready to go.  The ramrod lives in the sling when you’re not using it.

The final design varies from the one in the video chiefly in the magazine.  Instead of feeding the primed case from a standard magazine, you load it through the ejection port.  The magazine cradles the case in position for the bolt to feed it as normal.

The magazine’s more than just that.  It’s still an actual magazine, although feeding is manual.  If you slide off its side panel, inside you’ll find storage for more cases, pellets, and bullets.

The funny thing is, they’re weren’t sure if they were going to go into production with it.  They did it to prove that they could do it.  But now, there’s been so much demand, that they’re shooting for having them in stores before the end of the year.  No price set.  Would you get one?  How ’bout just an upper?

Oh, and it doesn’t have a name yet.  What should they call this thing?

Hat tip and photo credits: Gun Holsters and Gear, Exurban League.

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