Benelli's Waterproof, 922(r)-Proof M4 H2O (VIDEO)

Benelli has been making shotguns for military and law enforcement the world ’round, but they haven’t taken off with the same kind of popularity say, ARs have.  That’s because the number of non-sporting features allowed to be made for these automatic shotguns was limited due to their import status.  Now Benelli is remanufacturing them here in the US and poof, suddenly all those evil features become American as apple pie and 1911s.

Here we have the M4 H20.

Benelli Waterproof 922(r)-Proof M4 H2O 12 Gauge

“Remanufacturing” is the process of swapping out enough foreign-made parts with US-made parts to bring the total number of bits manufactured outside of this country down to ten or less.  Saiga converters are well familiar with this.

So that’s what they’ve done, replaced parts like the magazine tube and the fire control group and such.  The finish is a great touch, though.  Robar’s NP3 is a little marvel.  Not only does the electroless nickle/Teflon plating do really well against rust and the elements, but it’s a self-lubricating finish, and they do finish the internals.  That doesn’t mean you don’t have to oil your shotgun, it means that it will tolerate extreme conditions better.

Benelli Waterproof 922(r)-Proof M4 H2O 12 Gauge

All this means that not only are they bringing to market a highly-resistant automatic shotgun to the US, they’re also marketing a shotgun that would not really be available to non-LEO and non-military people.  The pistol grip/collapsible buttstock hasn’t even before now been made for sale to civilians, just to make certain they wouldn’t find their way onto Benellis with magazine tube extensions.

The 12-gauge M4 H2O certainly is an attractive firearm.  The two-tone finish is also extremely practical, the compact 18½-inch barrel is perfectly sized to match the 7+1 magazine, and it’s very manageable at 7.8 pounds.  It has standard M4 ghost-ring sights and a Picatinny rail for optics.

This shotgun is going to be made in limited numbers, probably only a couple hundred per month, and will have a premium price of at least $1500, as the MSRP is $2270.  Still, with the furniture, extension, and Robar refinishing, you’d be hard-pressed to match that price even without the custom 922(r) compliance parts.

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