Mossberg's Tactical Levergun, the 464 SPX

Mossberg launched a, for lack of a better term, doozy, with their 464 SPX.  It’s a synthetic-stocked, tri-railed, optics-ready tactical lever-action .30-30 carbine.  And to be honest, we can’t decide if this is crazy or kick-ass.  Both?  How ’bout you?

Mossberg Tactical 464 SPX Lever Action Rifle .30-30 .22LR

Let’s start with the furniture.  In addition to the aforementioned triple Picatinny-railed forearm, the 464 SPX has a telescoping M4-style buttstock with an adjustable cheek riser and hefty one-inch recoil-reducing buttpad.  The .30-30 Winchester cartridge isn’t weak stuff, and we have to imagine that some modern polymers take some of the kick out of that stock lever gun recoil.

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The receivers of these guns are drilled and tapped for optics, which are as handy today as when the levergun was at its peak, although they’re made a little better these days.  And a lever-action carbine such as this is probably ridiculously fast with a red dot optic.

Mossberg Tactical 464 Lever Action Rifle .30-30 .22LR

Its got a 16-inch barrel and matching 5+1 magazine, (in .30-30, there will also be an eighteen-inch 13+1 .22 Long Rifle model) so the A2-style flash hider, while uncommon on lever guns, also makes sense here.  (Well, not so much on the .22 but hey, when in Rome.)  The original Model 1894 had a 20-inch barrel and there’s gonna be some flash out of a barrel that’s 20 percent shorter.

Under the front hood is a fiber-optic sight, which matches the rear sight.  Which we’re pretty sure, if it had been around in 1894, would have seen its way to at least a handful of Winchesters; fiber optic sights, on a field-ready carbine like this is a welcome upgrade.

Mossberg Tactical 464 Lever Action Rifle .30-30 .22LR

And to be fair, it’s priced pretty well with an MSRP of $527, the real-world price around $400 (and expect it in stores later this month).  That’s just a small premium over the wood-stocked Mossberg 464, and probably less than what it would cost for any single one of the SPXs upgrades.

So where are you?  Excited?  Aghast?  Every molecule of your being vibrating with unchecked rage?  Let’s hear it.  Fair warning: Mossberg’s been working on a 464 ZMB…

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