MG Industries' Multi-Caliber Quick-Change ARs Getting 308 Win.

There are so many companies making ARs that it’s hard to tell one from another.  MG Industries isn’t one of those companies.  They’ve further modularized the AR so that it can be converted from one caliber to another in seconds.

Yep, that’s an AR with an AK mag stickin’ out of it

We took their a Hydra for a spin at the range at SHOT Show this year, and learned how to swap barrels and magwells in about a minute.  From start to finish it’s faster and simpler than field stripping an AR.

Underneath the barrel is a sleeve that locks two arms in place.  You slide the sleeve off, turn the arms out, which unlock cams holding the barrel and gas tube in place, and give the barrel a tug.  It’s now out.

To change the magazine well portion of the lower, you pop the upper off, pop the trigger guard out of the magwell, and holding the magazine release, slide it off the lower.  Do all that in reverse with a different barrel assembly and magazine well, and you can go from .223 to 6.8 SPC to .460 Rowland in seconds, no tools necessary.MG Industries Hydra AR AR15 Multi Caliber

They’re celebrating this fine modular system by expanding it.  This year they announced a .308 Winchester rifle as well as a conversion package for people who already own an MGI Hydra.  The rifle has a premium, but not that premium MSRP of $1800, and the conversion package runs $750.  It has an 18-inch barrel with a 1 in 10 twist, and the whole carbine weighs just shy of eight pounds.  Quad rail included.

Of course, if you’re not into .308, if you think quantity has a quality all of its own, then you must check out their belt-feeder adapter:

Whether you’re a LEO looking to set up your armory with a small number of rifles that can do a large number of jobs or a firearms enthusiast, or just want an pistol-caliber AR that uses Glock magazines, check out MG Industries.

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