Mossberg Goes Full Zombie with ZMB Edition Firearms

02/7/12 3:09 PM | by

mossberg chainsaw zombie gun

It would seem like Mossberg’s been infected.  They’ve developed new versions of existing firearms, some older, some newer, and prepared them for the zombie apocalypse.  These two shotguns and this rifle defy practicality and eschew reason in an effort to hunt down every last one of ’em.

mossberg zombie gun

Actually, only the Mossberg 500 Chainsaw ZMB defies anything.  But while the chainsaw overhand/over-barrel forend is impractical, no one says it isn’t cool.  Based on the Cruiser, it’s a compact pump 12 gauge shotgun with an 18½-inch barrel and six-shot magazine.  The Chainsaw ZMB also has a flash hider/standoff device if you ever have to breach doors with it, er, at night.

The furniture is synthetic and matte black to match the finish, and of course, you can take the handle of the tri-rail forend and use it like a boring person who probably doesn’t really have it in for the zombies, but just wants to fit in with the other survivors.

mossberg 500 chainsaw

The newest member of the Mossberg family is also a member of the ZMB family, the .30-30, lever-action 464.  The 464 ZMB, chambered in the venerable, proven cartridge, should have no issues taking out some two-legged targets back from the dead; it’s put plenty of people below ground throughout history.

Like the new 464 SPX, this levergun is all tactical with adjustable black synthetic furniture and adjustable fiber-optic 3-dot sights.  The forearm has a tri-rail and the receiver is drilled and tapped for optics (and includes a scope rail to make four).  The 464 ZMB is also fitted with an inch-thick buttpad for maximum recoil absorption for comfort while mowing down the recently deceased.  It has a five-round magazine to match its 16-inch barrel complete with A2 flash hider.

mossberg 464

And finally, the granddaddy of them all, the ZMB 500.  It’s your standard 8-shot 12 gauge pump-action Mossberg 500, although it’s got synthetic furniture like the others.  It’s got a 20-inch barrel with a bead sight, and the receiver’s drilled and tapped, too, for more zombie-ready optics.

What makes these zombie-edition firearms so good at doing their job?  Why, it’s got to be that toxic green ZMB logo stamped on the side, since these guns don’t seem different from their unadorned brethren.  They will be priced in line with them, too.

Unconvinced that these guns aren’t specialized at turning zed-heads to mulch?  Fine, they’re not your thing.  Not everyone loves zombies.  (But it’s OK if you do.)

zombie kissing

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