Uberti's New Silverboy Lever-Action .22 LR Rifle (VIDEO)

Uberti is about as Western as Sergio Leone but they do fit right in with Colt and Henry.  And their new lever-action mirrored chrome-finished rifle is gorgeous.  If you’re still sore from those tactical leverguns, this one is a sight to behold.

uberti silverboy

The Silverboy deserves praise on its looks alone.  Contrasting the chrome finish is a deep blue barrel, magazine, hammer, bolt, trigger, and buttplate, with a couple of black pins thrown in, too.  The wood is of course walnut, and the barrel is the round type.

It’s a good weight at 5.8 pounds, light due to an aluminum alloy receiver no doubt, and it has a nineteen-inch barrel and fifteen-round magazine.  But while the action and style is familiar, Uberti has re-worked the internals of this gun with a modern feeding mechanism that will always work no matter what position the rifle is being held, even upside-down.

uberti silverboy

Uberti’s claim that “The Silverboy is the ultimate small-bore lever-action rifle chambered in .22 LR,” is a bit ostentatious, but damn does is look purty.   “This is an all-original lever-action firearm, based on the classic styling of the Old West lever gun. The Silverboy embodies the best features of the proven lever-gun design that goes back as far as the mid-1800s.”

It’s MSRP is slightly higher than the Goldenboy’s, who they’re clearly challenging; the Uberti’s $590 versus Henry’s $515.  Of course it is smaller and lighter, not to mention, absolutely mesmerizing—not that the Goldenboy isn’t a beauty, either.

So what do you think?  Would you pay a little more for the newly-designed Silverboy, or do you plan on sticking with New York’s own classic Goldenboy?

uberti goldenboy

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