Stoeger's Tactical Over-Under Turns Heads and Raises Eyebrows

The release of Stoeger’s original tactical side-by-side must have seen a fair amount of success as they’re now following up on the Double Defense, expanding the name to include a new tactical home-defense over-under shotgun.

What makes it tactical?  Besides being black, naturally it has rails.  A pile of ’em.  A 12-o’clock rail over the receiver end for optics, ’cause you can’t have an over-under without optics, and two more flanking the barrels at 3- and 6- down at the muzzle.

Stoeger Tactical Over/Under 12 gauge shotgun
Lights and that other jazz on the rails not included.

And while it looks like the top rail obscures the fiber-optic sight, it’s optional and removable; it’s only for those who really want that sight on their shotgun.  The two other rails are also not permanently attached, meaning you can turn this tactical over-under into a real home-defense sleeper with a turn of a few screws.

Like the original Double Defense, the O/U has fixed improved cylinder chokes, 20-inch barrels, and polymer furniture stopping at a generous buttpad.  It fires shells up to three inches long, and weighs 7½ pounds in its 12- and seven pounds in 20-gauge configurations.

Stoeger Tactical Side-by-side 12 gauge shotgun Double Defense
Double Defense Senior.

And if you’re just interested in taking up skeet or trap with a simple, no-nonsense, and very black shotgun, you’ll be pleased to know that it has an MSRP of $540, which means a street price starting around $400, making it one of the more affordable entry-level doubles.

There is one real tactical advantage to a shotgun like this, though: it’s short.  The overall length 37½ inches, about the same as most carbine rifles, which means it’s small enough to work indoors while still having the punch of an outside gun.  But is that enough to make it more than a novelty?

Stoeger Tactical Over/Under 12 gauge shotgun
The Stoeger Condor Outback, a Double Defense minus the tactical.

In other words, would you feel under-gunned with a double-barrel shotgun for anything other than sports?

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