Mexican President Calderón Declares "No More Weapons!"

On Feb. 16, Mexican president Felipe Calderón has unveiled a billboard in Juárez claiming “No More Weapons!” The sign is on the Mexican side of the Bridge of Americas and is visible from the U.S. Border.

Calderón had this sign built to highlight the country’s desire to live in peace and build a better country:

“We are sending a clear message from this border region: no more weapons to México,” Calderón said during the unveiling ceremony. “This way, we stress our desire and willingness to live on peace.”

Other officials joined Calderón at a variety of events held in Juárez while the Mexican Army destroyed thousands of weapons that had been seized in the city.

For updates, stay tuned to For more information on the new billboard and the activities in Juárez find the original article from the El Paso Times. For all breaking gun news, keep browsing’s news feeds.

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