Teenage Mom Shoots Intruder, Writes an Open Letter to Nebraskans

On New Years Eve teenage mother Sarah McKinley shot and killed an intruder who had broken into her house. Now she has written an open letter to her fellow Nebraska residents imploring them to pass the Nebraska Victim Protection Act.

The Nebraska Victim Protection Act, LB 804, has been referred to as a type of “Castle Doctrine” as it removes burden of proof from homeowners who may be using deadly force against home intruders. In her letter, Sarah McKinley addresses the fact that she did not have time to discover whether or not the intruder had a weapon. Because she was in Oklahoma at the time of her attack, state law protected her from prosecution or civil suits. This same protection is what the Nebraska Victim Protection act aims to bring to the Corn Husker state.

For updates, stay tuned to Guns.com. For more on on the Nebraska Victom Protection Act, you can check out protectvictimsnow.org, while those who are interested in Sarah McKinley’s story can find her letter online.  For all breaking gun news, keep browsing Guns.com’s news feed.

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