Pro Skater Jason Jessee's Custom AK47 Skateboard

Jason Jessee, a pro skateboarder who rides for Santa Cruz Skateboards, has had a skateboard custom made in the shape of an AK-47, and now these AK skateboards are available for sale!

The board is designed to be a cruiser at only 32.8 inches long, but the entertaining dimension (if such things can exist) is the width of the skateboard: 7.62 inches wide. Very clearly carrying a low capacity magazine, the skateboard AK has a standard safety, front sight and bolt configuration and comes as just the deck or equipped with Bullet 130 trucks and soft Road Rider, 60mm 78a wheels. Since Jessee rides for Santa Cruz Skateboards we’re assuming the low capacity magazine makes this gunny skateboard legal in California.

The deck can be purchased at Amazon for $60, while the full set up (officially called the Jessee AK-47 Cruzer) is available from Santa Cruz Skateboards for $145.

For updates, stay tuned to To see more Santa Cruz Skateboards check out their full online shop at NHS Fun Factory, or to see more of Jason Jessee’s items you can take a look at his webpage (Be warned: Jessee’s webpage makes noise).  A big thank you to Everyday No Days Off for sharing this gem. For all breaking gun news, keep browsing’s news feeds.

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