Roger Ebert Reviews the Act of Valor Movie

Roger Ebert released a review on Wednesday of the highly anticipated movie “Act of Valor”, set to premier this weekend. The movie follows two story lines: One about a Navy SEALs mission to rescue a captured CIA operative, and the other follows a plot to use the tunnels between the United States and Mexico to smuggle terrorists into the United States.

Since the main characters in the movie are played by active duty Navy SEALs, Ebert said he was unable to review the performances within the movie because they aren’t necessarily professional actors, so he, instead, described the experience. Ebert’s observation are not surprising, describing the movie as action-packed and focused more on events than character development:

“Much of the movie consists of pure action, punctuated by terse dialogue and few subtleties. We don’t get to know the characters as individuals, they don’t have personality traits, they have no back stories, they don’t speak in colorful dialogue, and after the movie you’d find yourself describing events but not people”

For updates, stay tuned to Ebert’s review is available at the Sun Times, while those who would like to find out more about Act of Valor may do so at the movie’s website.  For all breaking gun news, keep browsing’s news feeds.

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