The Australian Army Adopts New Rifles: The EF88 Austeyr

Later this year the Australian Army will be upgrading its F88 Austeyrs, the Steyr Aug variant currently issued to their military, to a new bullpup called the EF88. Brought about by a demand for more interoperability and better reliability, the new rifle will be able to accommodate the ML40 grenade launcher courtesy of an altered handguard and a new rail mounted under the barrel for accessories. The EF88 Austeyr will also feature a modular fore-end, a floating barrel and an improved buttstock that gives the weapon a shorter length of pull—a condition met in response to user feedback.
Alongside this rifle, Steyr developed a new electronic control system carrying moniker, Rifle Input Control (RIC). The five-button controller allows soldiers to control their thermal weapon sights, laser range finders, radios, computers and a variety of other electronic devices using different buttons called “chords.” These controls allow soldiers to control their devices without taking their eyes off the task at hand or their hands off their weapon.

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