A New Gun Magazine Hits the Shelves: Recoil

Recoil, a new gun magazine, hit the shelves on Jan. 31. Recoil is a quarterly firearms lifestyle magazine that has been lauded for its younger writing style and stand-out photography. Also, the publishing quality has compared to the Japanese gun magazines that are known for their above average printing and paper quality, such as Combat, Strike and Guns.
The new gun rag focuses on more than just firearms. It covers trucks, ATVs, knives, watches, industry personalities, the shooting sports and many other topics. The magazine is hoping to provide content for casual hobbyists as well as shooting enthusiasts.
Their first issue includes reviews of the HK MR556 and SCAR 17S, as well as an interview with shooter J.J. Racaza, a lesson on stippling and an AR FAQ. Subscriptions are not currently available.

For updates, stay tuned to Guns.com. For more on the new magazine Soldier Systems has a write up on the first issue, while those who are interested can find the magazine’s webpage at recoilweb.com.  For all breaking gun news, keep browsing Guns.com’s news feeds.
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