HT Holsters Introduces the new Speed Draw Kydex Retention Holster

HT Holsters has introduced the new Speed Draw Holsters, designed to combined positive retention and security with speed, safety and durability.

HT Holsters Speed Draw Holsters use a paddle lock release system that disengages when the web of the thumb presses the paddle level, releasing the firearm into the shooter’s hand. HT Holsters have several models available: A Duty model, a Conceal Carry model and an OC/Pepper Spray model.

The Duty model, designed specifically for the Glock, provides an automatic locking system and superior retention with a modular structure that can be used on a variety of gear. The Conceal Carry model, available for the Glock, the SP2022 or the Caracal C, is designed to be slim and concealable with an easy to initiate locking mechanism and fast release switch. The Conceal Carry model also comes with a variety of belt attachment options, so carriers can decide where and how they would like to carry their gun. The OC model is available for Sabre Red or Fox Labs and has the same locking system found on the Duty model.

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