SIG Sauer's Latest 1911: The Fastback

SIG’s contributions to the world of the 1911 have all really knocked them out of the park.  SIG has proven that they can make a solid and trouble-free 1911 with a few bells and whistles and that SIG slide we’ve come to know and love.

Their most recently-announced series of 1911s are the Fastbacks.  Right now, SIG is working on two models, a standard 5-inch model and a cut-down 4-inch 1911.  The Fastbacks are relatively original 1911s, as in, they conform to the original design more than they deviate from it.

sig sauer 1911 on white background

They are all-steel 1911s with skeletonized hammers and mid-length triggers that weigh in at about 5 pounds of pull, same as other SIG 1911s.  It should be crisp as the fire control group is SIG’s “match grade”, including the sear, which is renown for its quality.  The grip safety has a high beavertail and a memory button, but the manual safety is not ambidextrous.

The Fastback series is intended for combat and carry, so the only embellishments are the satin stainless finishes on the controls.  Everything else is matte black, including the custom Hogue G10 double-diamond-pattern grips.  Fastbacks come with SIGLITE night sights and two eight-round magazines.

sig fastback handgun

There are a couple of real deviations from Browning’s version, cosmetic in the case of the slide serrations and scalloping, and functional in the fat external ejector and contoured grip design.  Fastback grips have checkered front- and backstraps, but the rear mainspring housing has a long, lean curve to it that rounds out the bottom of the grip to the magwell.

This is to make the Fastback easier to conceal as much as it is to give it a unique grip.  Being that they are all-steel, though, we don’t expect too many people to make them everyday-carry pieces.

Here are the specs:

  • Caliber .45 ACP, 8+1 capacity
  • Overall Length 8.7/7.7 inches
  • Overall Height 5.5 inches
  • Overall Width 1.4 inches
  • Barrel Length 5/4.2 inches
  • Sight Radius 6.5/5.7 inches
  • Sights Low Profile Night Sights
  • Weight with Magazine 41.6/38.8 ounces
  • Frame and Slide Material Stainless
  • Frame and Slide Finish Nitron
  • Trigger SAO, 5.0 pounds

We have to say that SIGs Fastback does a good job of combining form and function, and we expect these Fastbacks to find loving homes without much difficulty.  The MSRP is $1242 and availability is expected “soon”.  Some stores have already got listings up for them starting at $870.  We hope that in the future, SIG also makes a Fastback with an alloy frame.  That would make for an even more interesting carry 1911.

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