Illinois Lawmaker Proposes "Sin Tax" on Ammunition

An Illinois lawmaker has proposed a “sin tax” that would charge an extra two percent surtax on ammunition that would go to trauma centers in “high-crime” areas.
The proposed tax is meant to offset the “high cost of gun violence” that, according to the campaign director for the Illinois Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Mark Walsh, often ends up the responsibility of these trauma centers.
Gun-rights groups are seeing the proposed tax as an attack on law-abiding hunters and target shooters, since the tax will force them to pay for the crimes of gun violence even though they are required to have a special ID card requiring a background check to even own firearms in Illinois.
Richard Person, director of the Illinois State Rifle Association points out that those committing crimes of gun violence are not purchasing the items to do so legally, so they aren’t paying any part of the tax that would go to pay for their crimes.
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