Occupy Wall Street Protester Arrested Carrying Pistol Into New York City Courthouse

An Occupy Wall Street protester was arrested for bringing a gun into a New York City courthouse on Feb. 22.
John Scott DeKuyper had a Colt .45 in his backpack when he arrived for a court hearing regarding a scuffle with the police during on Occupy protest on Oct. 15 during which he tried to rip the badge off of NYPD Chief of Dept. Joseph Esposito.
DeKuyper is reported to have claimed carrying the gun into the courthouse a mistake, stating it was “the stupidest thing he’d ever done”. The protester is licensed to carry the gun in another state and NY Assistant District Attorney Ryan Hayward has been quoted saying the gun was purchased legally, and that DeKuyper indicated that he had packed the gun the prior night to bring it with him to New York and forgot to take it out of his backpack before heading to the courthouse.
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