Oregon State Board of Higher Education Discusses Campus Gun Ban

In September, a court decision passed allowing students and faculty with concealed carry permits to legally carry on Oregon’s seven university campuses. On Friday, the State Board of Higher Education may pass a policy that would change that.

The proposed policy would require those who wish to do business on university property, such as a student, professor, employee, contractor, vendor, sports fan or event visitor, to agree not to carry firearms on campus.

The policy is thought to comply with the court decision, although the Board’s previous gun ban was struck down by the Oregon Court of Appeals last fall. The court ruled that only Legislature had the authority to regulate guns, but agreed that the board has the authority to control its property.

The proposed policy would prevent students, faculty, staff and visitors from carrying a firearm into any property or place controlled by the board, but would make exceptions for police and military programs such as Reserve Officer Training Corps, residents in non-campus housing and hunting or target shooting clubs.

Photo: Oregon State University Campus

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