Ruger Releases 2011 Sales Reports

Recently, Ruger released the sales earnings from the fourth quarter of 2011, and the numbers show that Ruger has done well for themselves this past year.

The company’s sales increased $73.6 million in 2011, going up from $255.2 million in 2010 to $328.8 million in 2011. The fourth quarter of 2011 alone saw $93.2 million in sales. The company’s sell through rate from independent distributors to retailers increased 20 percent, event though National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) background checks (as adjusted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation) only increased 14 percent.

Chief Executive Officer Michael O. Fifer commented that new products were a key element in Ruger’s sales grown, composing 30 percent of 2011 sales for Ruger. It seems the Ruger LC9, SR1911, SR40, Single Ten and 77/357 and GunSite Scout Rifle all did their part to help Ruger’s success in 2011..

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