The CaseCruzer Gun Cruzer Easily Transports 12 Rifles

CaseCruzer has announced a gun case designed to pack 12 M16s in a way that is quick to deploy while still complying with federal regulations that require four padlock flanges on all rifle cases for law enforcement or international travel.

Six rifles sit in each side of the case while a hinged arm holds them in place and padlocks them down. The rifles don’t touch at all while the case is closed and each slot is cushioned, as is the arm that holds the guns in place, in order to keep the rifles protected.

The case is constructed to be lightweight and heavy-duty wheels make it manageable for one person. Airtight, watertight and dust proof the case holds up to the reputation of pelican cases but weighs in at only 49 pounds.

While designed primarily for military, law enforcement and private security the GunCruzer is sure to be popular among some of the more avid rifle collectors out there as well.

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