Two More Firearms From the Powder Room Target Range Break-In Recovered

On Wednesday police recovered two more of the guns that were stolen from the Powder Room Target Range in Powell, OH earlier this month.
On February 23rd 69 of the guns stolen from the shooting range were recovered from a Columbus apartment, seven more of the 97 stolen firearms were found over the course of four search warrants executed Wednesday night. There is no report as to where the two most recent firearms were found. These findings leave only 19 of the 97 firearms unaccounted for.
22-year-old Jeffrey M. Collins has been charged in connection with the shooting range break-in that occurred at the Powder Room on state Route 750 in Powell on February 8th. Police say that the suspects appear to have removed the motion sensor lamps from the premises and used a sledgehammer to put a hole in the wall on the west side of the building, allowing them to walk into the range.

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