Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Pays Tribute to Women Hunters


In celebration of Women’s History Month the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is paying tribute to the role of women hunters in conservation.


RMEF President and CEO David Allen stated that “Most Americans appreciate wildlife and wild places, but more also are unaware that these public resources thrive because of hunters – and, more than ever, because of hunters who happen to be women.”


There are now statistics suggesting that through hunting license fees, special taxes on new firearms, ammunition, bow and arrows, and voluntary donation to organizations like RMEF women contribute up to $117 million a year to wildlife and habitat programs. It is also suggested that women hunters are responsible for up to $5.9 billion per year in economic output. Each of these numbers represent 9% of the respective totals generated by all hunters combined.


RMEF is supportive of women interested in sport shooting and hunting, exceeding $500,000 in sponsorship of Becoming an Outdoors-Woman and other similar programs.


For updates, stay tuned to For more information on the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s tribute to women check out the original press release, while those interested in more information about the RMEF should see their website.  For all breaking gun news, keep browsing’s news feeds.


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