Fordham Law School Discusses Gun Control and the Second Amendment

A week from today, Fordham Law School will be hosting “The Fordham Urban Law Journal’s Volume XXXIX Symposium”, the topic of which is “Gun Control and the Second Amendment: Developments and Controversies in the Wake of District of Columbia v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago”.
The symposium beings at 10:30 am on Friday and runs through the afternoon. Three panels have been set up throughout the day:
The Effect of the Supreme Court’s Gun Control Restriction on Crime Rates
The Scope of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Post-Heller and McDonald
Urban Exceptionalism and Modern Conceptions of the Militia
The different participants on the panel include:

Richard M. Aborn, Esq.
, President, Citizens Crime Commission of New York City
Micheal Pastor, Esq., Acting First Deputy Criminal Justice Coordinator, Office of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
Patrick Charles, Esq., Historian, United State Air Force 352nd Special Operations Group
There are also law school professors, criminal justice professors and a series of other experts on the different panels.

For updates, stay tuned to For registration, the full list of panel participants or more information check out the calendar at the Fordham Law School website. Thank you to Tactical Life for posting about this symposium.   For all breaking gun news, keep browsing’s news feeds.

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