Michigan Man Shoots Himself In the Foot, Receives Gun Safety Counseling

Earlier this week a Muskegon County, MI man shot himself in the foot while cleaning his .380 caliber Cobra pistol.

The 26-year-old was having trouble with his gun malfunctioning. In the process of breaking the gun down to clean it he took the magazine out and the safety off, but was having difficulty moving the slide. He had the gun pointed down and was attempting to pull the slide when the gun discharged.

There was damage to his second and third toe. While home alone at the time the man was able to phone his wife to take him to the local hospital in Muskegon for treatment.

Police Officers responded after the man had been taken to the hospital. The case was closed after the man was given some “gun safety” instruction by a sheriff’s deputy who handled the report. Hopefully he learned a valuable lesson.

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