The Texas Department of Public Safety Deploys Six New Gun Boats

The Texas Department of Public Safety has unveiled six new 34-foot gun boats that will be deployed in the Rio Grande.
The new interceptor can patrol in water as shallow as 12 inches, is powered by a 300 horsepower engines and boasts six machine guns. Six of these $580,000 boats comprise the new Highway Patrol Tactical Marine Unit, each to be named after a Department of Public Safety officer killed in the line of duty.
The boats were deployed in further efforts of keeping the Mexican Drug Cartels at bay. One of the unit’s primary roles will be to target “splashdowns”, these are locations in which smuggles will crash transports full of drugs or weapons into the water and then retrieve them and move the illegal cargo to the other side of the Rio Grande. The hope is that the new gun boats will be able to stop criminals before they reach Texas shores.
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