President Obama Submits Spy Novel to Harvey Weinstein

American film producer Harvey Weinstein recently turned down a movie pitch from President Obama.

According to Weinstein, President Obama sent the producer a spy novel and said “Why don’t you make this into a movie?”

Weinstein sent an email back to the President saying “he was the most over qualified book scout [Weinstein] ever had.” 

One can’t help but speculate on exactly which spy novel President Obama may have selected to submit to the acclaimed producer, some say “The Gun Seller” by Hugh Laurie may have been the most appropriate choice. We can only hope that Weinstein ends up producing a movie based off of a different spy novel, maybe one that involves the pocket snap trap from Diamonds Are Forever and a trip through modern day airport security. 

For updates, stay tuned to For the original article on President Obama’s submission to Weinstein find the original article in the Chicago Tribune. While those shopping for a good spy novel should check out the list of spy novels written by actual intelligence agents in the Seattle Times. For all breaking gun news, keep browsing’s news feeds.

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