Astros Seek Fan Input on Including Colt .45s Pistol in Throwback Jerseys

Major League Baseball has retracted their refusal to allow the Astros to include the pistol on the Colt .45s throwback jersey they will wear twice this season as part of the club’s 50th anniversary. Now they are leaving the decision up to the club, who is gathering fan input and will decide today.

The team has been in discussions with Major League Baseball over the past few months after Major League Baseball mandated that the Astros wear a modified jersey that doesn’t have the smoking Colts pistol on it, suggesting that the pistol might be offensive.

You may remember the odd suggestion and the ugly replacement jersey from an earlier article. Now that the decision is up to the club, hopefully the fans will reach out and the original jersey will be restored with Colts .45 pistol intact.


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