Controversial McDonalds Offer is a Hoax

The activist network Yes Men has confirmed that the “Three Strikes, You’re In” website, which offered McDonald’s happy meals to those who had been targeted by the City of New York’s controversial stop-and-frisk program, was a hoax.

Terry Malloy of the Yes Men activist networks told

Three Strikes, You’re In is a press relations stunt. But Stop and Frisk is a bigger press relations stunt. People in New York talk about ideas like broken windows policing, but what we want them to do is to consider what it does to a younger person’s mind to know that they’re targeted any time they leave their homes. How does that impact our society?

This is a project with the Yes Lab, run by the Yes Men. They’re teaching activists how to do what’s called ‘culture jamming’, where the idea is to create some kind of stunt, or hoax, if you will, that will attract enough attention that the media will want to go more into the story.

The press relations stunt seems to have worked due to the outrage caused by the suggestion of the popular fast food chain supporting New York’s stop-and-frisk program.

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