Houston Astros Decide to Keep Pistol on Colt .45s Throwback Jerseys

After much debate the Houston Astros have decided to keep the Colt .45s pistol on the throwback jerseys they will be sporting later this year for their 50th anniversary.

The debate, as reported by Guns.com, began when Major League Baseball told the Astros they could not put the pistol on the jersey. A

After fan outrage was expressed, Major League Baseball revised the statement telling the Astros they could decide whether or not to put the Colt .45s pistol on the jersey. The Astros appealed to the fans who were, according to the team, “passionate and virtually unanimous” in their support of the team wearing the authentic Colts .45 jersey.

The Astros are schedule to wear the jerseys on April 10 against the Braves and April 20 against the Dodgers.

“I think it’s critically important [they kept the pistol],” said Bob Aspromonte, an original member of the Colt .45s. “That’s the start of the franchise. Those three years were incredible to the growth of the franchise. Those Colt .45s uniforms are really special, and to watch that domed stadium being built right alongside while we were playing, it all ties in. You can’t take that away. The Colt .45s uniform was well-liked by everyone. I think it’s a great jersey and was a great tie-in for a new franchise.”

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