Open Carry Advocate Settles Law Suit with the City of Philadelphia for $25,000

Open carry advocate Mark Fiorino’s suit against the City of Philadelphia has settled for $25,000.

You may remember last May when reported on the 25 year old IT worker’s arrest.  He had a firearm pointed at him and police officers threatened to shoot the open carrier, he was eventually handcuffed and sat in a police vehicle.

He later sued the City of Philadelphia for “vindictive prosecution”, although Fiorino’s lawyer, Benjamin Picker, explained that the suit was not about money. According to Picker, Fiorino accepted the city’s offer Thursday because the city had been retraining officers, although the retraining was not a condition of the settlement. City Soliciter Shelley Smith said in e-mail that the city did not admit any wrongdoing in the settlement.

Open carry is legal in the City of Philadelphia as long as the gun owner has a permit.

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