Open Carry "Meet and Eat" for Pennsylvania Gun Owners

At around 5:30pm on March 10, 2012 in at the Applebee’s on McDale Blvd. in Ridley Township, PA there will be a open carry “meet and eat”.

All attendees will be open carrying firearms to raise public comfort and awareness of Pennsylvania open carry laws. The event was coordinated by the Pennsylvania Firearms Owners Association (PAFOA), a website geared toward firearms owners who live in Pennsylvania that currently boasts 42,810 members many of whom are active.

Event organizer Mark Fiorino had charges pressed against him after being detained by Philadelphia Police for open carrying, he was able to record the Officer’s ignorance and abuse of authority and later posted the video to YouTube. He was acquitted of all charges and has a civil suit pending.

Firearms enthusiasts near Ridley Township, PA who may want something to do Saturday night are welcome to join the “meet and eat”.

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