Para's Black Ops Series of 1911 Now in Stores

As the last days of the Year of the 1911 were setting, Para USA slipped one under the wire.  Actually, three. In addition to the two models of combat-oriented Black Ops pistol, Para USA developed one for competition, the 1911 Black Ops Limited.

And they’re available now in stores.

The Para 1911 Black Ops single-stack 8+1
The Para 1911 Black Ops single-stack 8+1

The 1911 Black Ops and 14-45 Black Ops are specialized for use in the line of duty.  A single-stack 8+1 and double-stack 14+1 respectively, the standard Black Ops handguns have Trijicon night sights, custom G10 grips, 25 line-per-inch checkered backstraps, ambidextrous manual safeties, grip safeties with memory bumps and skeletonized hammers and triggers.

The hammers are the spur type, and the triggers are short to medium with an adjustable over-travel stop.  The Black Ops 1911s also have Para’s signature wide grip serrations at the front and back.

The Para 14-45 Black Ops double-stack 14+1
The Para 14-45 Black Ops double-stack 14+1

The 1911 Black Ops Limited has the same feature set as the standard Black Ops models, only it opts for competition-ready fiber-optic front and adjustable target rear sights.  Like the standard 1911 Black Ops, the Limited is all steel frame and slide weighing in at 39 ounces (the double-stack 14-45 Black Ops weighs 40 ounces).  The Limited keeps the Black Ops dust cover Picatinny rail standard.

The Para 1911 Black Ops Limited competition single-stack 8+1
The Para 1911 Black Ops Limited competition single-stack 8+1

The Black Ops series of 1911s are full-size heavy metal .45s with 5-inch match barrels and match fire control groups.  But what really sets them apart from the many other tactical 1911s, besides the Para onus of quality and reliability, is the finish.  Black Ops pistols are intended to be dragged through the mud and tossed around and generally harshed on.

Para has had these handguns custom finished using the Ionbond process.  This is one of the toughest and most resilient finishes available for metal and it’s self-lubricating as well.

2 para usa black ops handguns promotion photo

The Black Ops pistols combine modern features with proven design for guns that anyone should be proud to own.

These 1911s may be a far cry from the originals made by Colt and designed by Browning, but hey, these are serious improvements to a serious platform.  It’s not as though Para developed a double-barreled 1911 or anything like that…

Para set the MSRP of the Black Ops 1911s at $1300.  You can find them in stores now starting at $1000.

Image credit American Rifleman and Travis Tomasie

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