Off-Road All-Terrain Action Trackchair: The Hunter's Wheelchair (VIDEO)

The motto of the Action Manufacturing is “Helping the disabled to be enabled.”  They make the Action Trackchair, a powered tracked wheelchair with exceptional all-terrain capabilities.  Unlike most wheelchairs, the Trackchair can be taken off-road and can take the wheelchair-bound to places other chairs only dream of.  And that means being able to enjoy the out-of-doors and all it provides, including hunting and shooting.

The Action Trackchair excels over all types of terrain, mud, sand, snow and even shallows.  It has two 12-volt wheelchair batteries which propel it to a maximum range of about eight miles, depending on the terrain and load.  It has a very wide wheelbase and twin 6½-inch tracks.  And it comes in a boatload of factory colors, including three types of camo print.

An Action Trackchair with digital camo finishColors aren’t the end of options for the Action Trackchair, either.  In addition to customizations like headlights, armrest pockets and three-point harnesses, the Trackchair can be modified with toolboxes, gun racks, gun scabbards and even fishing rod holders.  The Action Trackchair has a top speed of five miles an hour.

What’s most impressive about this machine has got to be the customer testimonials.  “‘Back in the Hunt.’ That statement sums up what the Action Trackchair has done for me. I love the outdoors.  Fishing and hunting rank near the top of my outdoor experiences. My mobility issues are no longer a concern when planning a hunt. Tim’s Action Trackchair concept allows me to pursue all that South Dakota has to offer the outdoorsman. I have proven to myself and others the usefullness off the Trackchair while hunting deer, antelope, turkey, and pheasants. I really like the silent operation of theTrackchair. Several deer have fallen due to the Stealth mode of the Action Trackchair. The camo pattern of the Trackchair with the right choice of camouflage clothing makes me virtually invisible to the big game I pursue. Thanks, Tim and crew, for your ‘out of the box’ thinking! ‘Back in the Hunt and Life is Good.'”—Mike Werner.

The Action Trackchair has a base price of $8,800, which might sound like a lot but how much would you spend to be able to go outside if you were so denied?

A shooter firing an AR rifle from his Action Trackchair

With the ability to tackle so many disparate types of terrain and with a fairly good range and ability to recharge on the go, the Action Trackchair is taking people to places they thought were out of their reach for good.  And it’s got tank treads, which is, you know, boss. You can see more photos of people enjoying their Trackchairs here and more video of it in action here.

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