Gunshot Detection and Facial Recognition Capabilities Combine to Identify Criminal Shooters

Safety Dynamics Inc. gunshot detection technology is joining forces with the facial recognition capabilities of FaceFirst to identify a criminal shooter’s face in real-time.

FaceFirst facial recognition capabilities is popular among high-profile security networks such as those in casinos and airports, the system has also been set up in the cities of Santa Ana, CA and Virginia Beach, FL. Now FaceFirst will be combined with Safety Dynamics Inc. gunshot detection technology. When the technologies are combined, Safety Dynamics Inc. gunshot detection will use acoustic ballistic sensors to detect a shot and automatically zero in on the exact location, directing a high-resolution camera to zoom in and capture the face of the shooter. After this FaceFirst facial recognition technology kicks in, running the shooter’s face against a biometric database to either determine their identity or create a new facial record if the shooter is unknown.

The security system will be able to quickly identify criminal shooters in locations in which it is installed, hopefully causing criminals to think twice before pulling the trigger.

For updates, stay tuned to Find the original article on the two technologies joining forces at the Homeland Security News Wire. Those interested in finding more information on FaceFirst facial recognition capabilities should visit their website, while those who would like to learn more about Safety Dynamics gunshot detection technologies can visit their website. For all break guns news keep browsing news feeds.

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