The Gun Stylus Assault Rifle Edition

Plow Games has announces the release of a stylus that is modeled after the popular AR-15

The Gun Stylus is a unique design bound to be popular among gamers. Accoring to the Gun Stylus website:

“The Gun Stylus Assault Rifle Edition gives you precise, optimum, badass control for your favorite mobile games on the latest iPad, iPhone, Android and touch devices. Shot, paint, draw, signature, navigate… and look freakin’ cool doing it with a Gun Stylus in your hand.”

The stylus has several useful features, or at the very least several features that are useful for a stylus to have, including a functional sight, a lanyard slot so you can sling your firearm, and a touch-sensitive chamber.  The Gun Stylus was designed to play games such as Time Crisis, Rainbow Six, Contract Killer, Takedown, Shoot Ducks or for use on drawing and note apps such as Scribbler, Blackboard or iBrainstorm.

The best part? A Gun Stylus AR runs only $24.99, making it a rare affordable firearm novelty.

For updates, stay tuned to To learn more about the Gun Stylus Assault Rifle Edition or to purchase a cool stylus check out the company’s website. For all breaking news stay tuned to’s news feeds.

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