How Much Money are Doomsday Preppers Spending to Prepare for the End?

With rumors of an impending doomsday and the 2012 apocalypse, doomsday preppers are dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars to ensure their survival and have what’s on hand to rebuild a community.

Everything from guns and ammunition to books bearing survival tips to land and bunkers are all necessary for the upcoming apocalypse. World wide preppers are readying themselves for a natural disaster or an economic collapse. One example is Robert Bast, who runs The Melbourne, Australia resident has invested more than $350,000 preparing for “the end of the world as we know it.”

“What is certain is that in my lifetime, there is a strong likelihood that there will be a catastrophe of some kind — the sun destroying power grids, a flu pandemic that kills millions, an asteroid or meteor or comet striking earth or a magnetic pole shift,” said Bast.

According to Phil Burns, a co-founder of the American Preppers Network and the subject of “Meet the Preppers” on Animal Planet, anyone can be a prepper if they are willing to dedicate the proper energy and resources. Burns recommends that those who are interested in starting to prep begin by setting aside 20% of their income for whatever kind of preparedness they would like to begin with – supplies, emergency training class or shelter.

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