LivingSocial Teams Up with ITI to Create an Event Combining Extreme Driving and Firearm Training

LivingSocial Adventures is teaming up with U.S. Government, Military and corporate trainers G4S International Training, Inc. (ITI) to bring “Extreme Driving + Weapon Training: The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush”.

The four- to five-hour event will have contestants participating in both an ITI driving course and range time. Starting at 10:30am participants are split into two groups, each group spends half the event at the gun range or the driving course, then they switch.

On the gun range participants will have the chance to fire a total of 60 rounds through an MP4, MP5 submachine gun and a Glock 17.

Then they will move to the shoot house, which will consist of groups going in and “defusing” a situation. Instructors will accompany the group to the door, then the participants will enter and participate in Force on Force encounters.

On the driving course participants will learn about ramming, high-speed backing, PIT and “J” – Turns. Once everyone has had a chance to learn the maneuvers, participants will be placed into a scenario that will incorporate the different tactics that students just learned. During these scenarios instructors will be driving so that students will get the dramatic effect of the vehicle maneuvers.

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