Missouri Bill Would Prevent Employers from Discriminating Against Gun Owners

Lawmakers in Missouri are pushing to protect gun owners from workplace discrimination through a piece of legislation that would make it illegal for employers to hold bias against those who own or use guns overwhelmingly.

House Bill 1621, sponsored by Wanda Brown, R-Lincoln, passed the Missouri House just before lawmakers went on spring break. The National Rifle Association has been pushing similar bills in other states, including Alabama and Tennessee, where the bills have sparked arguments between gun activists and some of the state’s largest employers and corporations. The companies argued that the law would make them more vulnerable to lawsuits and would harm the state’s job creation efforts.

In Missouri, lawmakers are questioning the necessity of the legislation as no evidence of an employee facing such discrimination in the State of Missouri. Brown was able to cite one example, but it was of an owner of a Kansas City meatpacking plant. She also attacked President Barack Obama’s decision to question potential hires for high ranking positions about their gun ownership and firearm registration.

A companion bill, House Bill 1326, would allow employees to keep firearms locked in their cars on company property.

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