Rev. Michael Pfleger Complains to Kmart About Toy Guns in Easter Baskets

Rev. Michael Pfleger has sent a letter to Kmart expressing his concern that toy guns are being included in Easter baskets, and requesting that all toy guns be removed from the baskets.

“With the increasing gun violence in Chicago and across this country, I am amazed that you would choose to offer toy guns to our children to make them comfortable with playing with. I am asking you to remove any baskets with toy guns in them from your store’s shelves immediately,” Pfleger wrote.

Chris Braithwaite, spokesman for Sears Holdings, Kmart’s parent company responded, “We respect the opinions of our customers. However, we believe these items are clearly packaged as water toys and are almost identical to items sold by many other retailers.”

While Kmart plans to contact Pfleger about his concern, Pfleger and his parishioners plan to make the same request of other retailers that are selling toy guns in Easter baskets.

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