Multi-Barreled Mayhem: The P333AT (and a Few Other Real Guns)

The Arsenal AF2011-A1 made a hysterical splash in the world of small arms.  Very recently introduced, this twin-barreled homage to Browning’s masterpiece 1911 is a true double-stack.  The AF2011-A1 merges two 1911s together, side by side, in one double-wide frame and slide assembly.  It feeds from a double magazine—two magazine bodies conjoined at the baseplate—and fires two rounds of .45 ACP simultaneously.

Time will tell if the AF2011-A1 will be received as more than just novelty—and if the ATF will even allow it to be imported, since it arguably fires a two-round burst.

A stainless AF2011-A1 with double magazine

And just after we received confirmation that yes, this is a real gun, Sharp as a Marble reported on the Kel-Tec P333AT.

“After the IWA show in Nuremburg, Germany, we realized there was a high demand for multi-barreled pistols like the Arsenal Second Century 2011,” said Clarence Koalapee, PR Spokesperson for Kel-Tec.

“George was looking at the monstrosity and was like ‘Hell, if they can do two, why can’t we do three?‘ We came back to the states, got right down to work on a prototype. It’s a little rough around the edges, which means it’s practically ready for production!'”

Prototype three-barreled P333AT (Photoshop joke)

“The P333AT (pronounced Pee-THHHHHRRRREEEEEEE-Ay-Tee) delivers a stunning amount of firepower, launching three 90 grain projectiles at a time in roughly the same direction. ‘The .380 isn’t known as a one shot stopper,’ continued Koalapee, ‘but three of the SOB’s are bound to really piss someone off.’

With the regular P3AT being diminutive in size, Kel-Tec didn’t seem overly concerned with the major increase in size. ‘We’re adding, what? 6 more ounces? Damned thing will still fit inside a front pocket.'”

Although you might think it goes without saying that this was a joke, some people took it seriously.  But we can understand why: it’s nothing new.  The idea of mounting a gun onto a gun isn’t so outrageous.  (The idea of mounting a gun on a gun mounted gun, on the other hand…)

C-More Systems M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun Systems Masterkey Product Photo

There have been many multi-barreled firearms made throughout history, and not just to improve their rates of fire.  That up there is a C-More Systems M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System (MASS), a bolt-action magazine-fed upgrade to the old KAC Masterkey, which has been in service for quite some time.  A 21st-century development, the MASS is being issued to soldiers right now.

Other gun-meets-gun combos have been in use since the introduction of the firearm cartridge.  Woodsmen, hunters and soldiers have depended on rifle/shotgun combination guns for a very long time, like the Springfield Armory M6 Scout.

An M6 Scout Survival combination gun in .22 Long Rifle and .410 gauge

The M6 is a stamped steel survival rifle issued to pilots starting in the ’50s in case they ever were downed behind enemy lines.  It is a very simple .22 (Long Rifle or Hornet)/.410 break-open combination gun designed by Springfield but also manufactured other companies including CZ.  It also has quite the following in the backpacking and survival crowds.

The Soviet had a similar idea, just bigger.  The Cosmonauts packed heat back in the day, in case they had to survive Siberian conditions awaiting recovery in the wilderness.

A soviet three-barreled combination gun used by cosmonauts

The Soviet space explorers were issued TP-82 pistols, a triple-barreled combination gun that combined two 12.5x70mm shotgun barrels and one 5.45x39mm rifle barrel.  Although they are pistols, they have a detachable buttstock that is almost entirely machete.  It can be removed and used for, you know, machete work.

So we understand it if some people took the bait on the P333AT; combination guns are nothing new and in many cases, extremely practical.  Well, maybe not all of them.  Check out this full-auto double Glock.

Two fully-automatic glocks bolted together with a red dot sight on top

Do you have a favorite combination gun?

Photo credit Sharp as a Marble,, the Firearms Blog, Auction Arms and SDC

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