Conceal Carry Permit Bill Introduced in Illinois

Illinois House Bill 5745, sponsored by Rep. Brandon W. Phelps, would give the right to conceal carry to the only state without it.

The bill, which was first filed and read on Feb. 16, was passed by the Agriculture & Conservation Committee on Feb. 27 and then placed on the calendar on March 7. The hotly contested bill, already lacking support from Chicago politicians who believe the state should address crime prevention issues first, is also drawing negative attention do to a clause that would allow universities to choose whether or not to allow concealed carry on campus but would also hold the institutions liable if a student is harmed or killed because they could not carry on campus.

The bill would require applicants to have a valid Firearm Owner’s Identification Card or, if applying for a non-resident license, a notarized document stating the applicant is eligible under federal law to posses a firearm. The applicant will also have had completed an NRA basic pistol course or another firearms training course at least four hours in length that covers handgun safety, the basic principles of marksmanship, care and cleaning of handguns and laws relating to justifiable use of force. Applicants will also have to provide proof of certification by an instructor that the applicant has passed a live fire exercise consisting of 30 rounds shot at seven and 10 yards and at a B-21 silhouette target.

For updates stay tuned to For those who are interested in learning more the full text of H.B. 5745 can be found at the Illinois General Assembly. For all breaking gun news stay tuned to’s news feeds.

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