Rochester Institute of Technology Gunman is Actually a Person with an Umbrella

A bus driver on the Rochester Institute of Technology campus in Rochester, N.Y. reported seeing a gunman Friday morning. After investigation it was determined that the reported gunman was just a person with an umbrella.

When the bus driver reported spotting someone with agun the Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies were called in to investigate. The university sent out a series of alerts to students Friday morning warning that a person with a rifle had been spotted and instructing students to stay indoors:

“Shelter in place. Person allegedly with rifle spotted outside Kate Gleason residence hall. People in the area of the residence halsl are advised to stay inside, lock or barricade doors until further notice. Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies are on the scene,” the alert said.

The alert was later lifted and the unversity issued an all-clear after the “rifle” was determined to be an umbrella with a samurai sword handle. Of course, samurai swords don’t really look like rifles either.

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