5.11 Tactical Shop Opens Just Off Las Vegas Strip

A state-of-the-art indoor range located just off the Las Vegas Strip, Guns & Ammo Garage, has announced a partnership with 5.11 Tactical and have opened a 5.11 Store inside their shop.

The store contains a variety of 5.11 Tactical signature products, including Stryke Pants, Tac-Lite Prop Pants, ATAC Flashlights, Holster Shirts and more. The tactical apparel company specialized in law enforcement, EMT, military and security uniform gear as well as hunting and camping equipment.

“5.11 Tactical prides itself on being innovative, forward-thinkers,” said Chris Starr, territory manager for Las Vegas. “Guns & Ammo Garage has the same mindset. They have created an exciting atmosphere for tourists and locals alike.”

Guns & Ammo Garage also offers rifles, handguns, ammunition and gun safes for purchase and offers their guests a chance to shoot more than a dozen machine guns, rifles and handguns. Their weapon packages include “Zombie Hunter”, “Call of Duty, and “S.W.A.T.”

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