High-Performance Earphones That Look Like 9mm Ammo Rounds

Precision sound brand MUNITIO has released a series of high-performance earbuds shaped like ammunition rounds.

The high-end Standard Issue Titanium earphones are described as having “a sound like no other. Dark and rick like 20 year old scotch.” Each earbud is inidvidually machined from a high density copper alloy, has rare earth neodymium driver, Munitio’s Bass Enhcaning Chamber and custom tuned Accoustic Soundflow System, the cable fabric is Kelvar reinforced and there is a 24k gold plug. The casing-style earphones even have a “MUNITIO 9mm” head stamp and come in brass, nickle-plated brass, or black.

MUNITIO also offers their Billets 9mm Earphones that come with an in-line mic. The Billets are more tactical, machined out of aircraft-grade aluminum with anodized finished and, according to MUNITIO’s website, are “the perfect field devic for music, communications and mobile gaming.” Billets are available in dark or light casings with red primers and hollowpoints or the Call of Duty Special Edition which is a dark casing with a green primer and hollowpoint.

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