78-Year-Old in Kentucky Defends Home With a Pistol and a Shotgun

Early Monday morning in Marshall County Kentucky, 78-year-old Jack Thompson shot and injured a home intruder using an antique Walther pistol and a shotgun.

Thompson woke up just before 4 a.m. to a noise outside, only to discover two figures in the night. After seeing them, he grabbed his pistol and seconds later two men kicked in the door and one came charging up the stairs toward Thompson’s bedroom.

“He knew where he was going. He headed for me. He knew where I slept,” Thompson said of the possiblity the intruders had previously cased his house.

Thompson fired three rounds until the man disappeared, when the intruder return Thompson was ready firing off rounds with his shotgun. The man who was shot has been identified as Mitchell Saddoris, 22, or Kirksey, Kentucky. He denied having a gun, but said the men who fled the scene had been armed.

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